Top Ecommerce Integrations and APIs for Your Online Store

When it comes to improving online conversion, website optimization is one of the most important first steps. Businesses looking to succeed in ecommerce need to have convenient, user-friendly online stores that increase accessibility to products for consumers. This is done by making purchasing faster, more predictable, and more flexible.

Top Ecommerce Integrations and APIs for Your Online Store

There are several ways to accomplish this, but the most effective way is to utilize API integrations. By doing so, ecommerce stores can take advantage of software services and information from other firms, like shipping providers, finance companies, and other useful tools for consumers.

To help businesses understand what tools help the most, we are going to cover our top picks for ecommerce API integrations. These include:

  • Customer relationship management APIs
  • Ecommerce platform APIs
  • POS financing integrations
  • Let’s cover each and what they bring to the table in ecommerce applications.

Customer Relationship Management APIs

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps businesses keep track of leads and converted customers. It documents many different things about each potential customer, making it easier for associates to assist and sell to them.

CRMs typically organize the following information on customers and prospects:

  • Contact information
  • Credit data
  • Past communication
  • Order history

For businesses that handle many repeat customers or customer support requests, CRMs can make it much easier to provide quality service and promotional contact with their customers. By integrating CRMs with an ecommerce store, the information that customers submit to make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter can be automatically imported into the merchant’s CRM. This saves a lot of time and effort on data organization and customer communication.

Ecommerce Platform APIs

Firms like Shopify provide complete ecommerce platforms that help newer online stores build out a modern shopping experience. These are essentially plug-and-play platforms where businesses can instantly list their products through a pre-made interface that integrates with their website or can even be hosted by the platform owner’s website for businesses just getting their start.

For businesses that are a little farther along in their growth cycle, they also provide APIs that allow stores to transfer the consumer data they collect throughout their business to other sites and apps to better analyze the information. Making this data analytics process easier helps businesses adapt to consumer behavior, provide more products that fit their target market, and improve the experience on their site based on the information consumers provide simply by interacting with the website and placing orders.

POS Financing Ecommerce Integrations

For businesses that already have their site’s basic operations and data management under control but are looking for a way to instantly improve the shopper experience on their site, POS financing is an excellent way to start. There are a number of fintech firms that offer embedded finance tools that allow customers to access financing at checkout.

This makes spending more money accessible by providing the funds consumers need at the point of sale—accompanied with versatile financing options makes it easier to plan for a more premium purchase. On average, businesses that offer POS financing see a 20-30% increase in conversion and a 30-50% increase in average ticket size. This makes POS financing ecommerce integrations one of the most lucrative tools available to online stores.

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When it comes to improving online conversion, website optimization is one of the most important ...


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