Join 15,000+ Businesses on Skeps

Increase sales

Reduced friction and tailored financing for high value purchases.

Lower cost of acquisition

Benefit from an alternative to discounts to drive conversion.

Increase lifetime value

Pre-approved credit lines that enable endless remarketing opportunities.

Offer awareness

Promote pre-approved financing, upfront

Qualify customers in real-time with our
database of 250MM consumers and promote financing earlier without rejection risk at checkout.

Pre-approved offers to promote retail financing and qualify customers in real-time.
Offer affordable, tailored financing options to your customers with SKU-level customization.


Customizable offers by SKU or bundled packages

You’re not limited to standard Pay in 4.
Design financing offers with the customer in mind, based on value and price.


Seamless UX that lets
your brand shine, not ours

Improve conversions with an
embedded solution that presents
financing options natively and within
your existing buying flows.

Embed Skeps' retail financing seamlessly into your existing UX.
Amplify up-selling and cross-selling opportunities for any financing dollars not allocated.

Post-purchase value

Up-sell and cross-sell additional products & services

Elevate more opportunities to meet your
client's goals with any remaining financing
not allocated.

Tailored financing options for all your customers - including small businesses.

Tailor financing for your small business customers, too

Skeps streamlines your financing options across all customer types - from consumer payments to small business bundles.

Reliable lending, backed by banks

Our financing is provided by accredited and regulated financial institutions.

Skeps is backed by a panel of reliable, accredited financial institutions in the US