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Frequently Asked Questions

Launched in 2018, Skeps is a modular suite of financing solutions that allow lenders and merchants to partner in offering POS Financing and other installment lending programs to consumers. These powerful collaborations allow customers to purchase goods and services without fronting total purchase prices or dealing with the hassle of borrowing on credit.

Skeps' patented technology provides its clients with an innovative and comprehensive set of consumer payment options for both online and in-store transactions. This technology provides consumers with several financing possibilities based on a proprietary blockchain-based platform, resulting in lenders and merchants turning fewer customers away at checkout and generating more business.

Skeps works with lenders and helps them compete with fintech companies by providing branded credit options to their merchant partners at the point of sale (POS). This comprehensive selection of financing options improves approval rates, lowers cart abandonment, and boosts the customer experience.

Skeps serve financial institutions and merchants as POS financing technology partners. We are not industry-selective and will happily assist businesses in most sectors in expanding loan and payment options for consumers.

Our platform is currently available across the United States.

API and Integration

Skeps APIs enable users to create tailored, one-of-a-kind POS systems that meet the needs of companies looking to expand consumer payment options and grow their businesses. They can help build extensions or enhanced features to existing POS platforms, such as:


Quicker application decisions


Detailed loan reporting


Funding notifications


Payment refund & dispute capabilities